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Questions and Answers


An ongoing series of informational entries


March 15, 2023

At this time I am a single therapist office so couples can be done but they are done one behind the other.

At this time a payment IS not required to set an appointment through the online booking for new 1st time clients. But will be activated during high peak holidays and at Business Discretion to ensure appointment integrity.

Existing clients will not need to hold a deposit for any bookings at this time however, if you are 20 min late your time will end at its regular ending also if we start early it will end early and if you do not show or call to cancel in that same day you will be charged the full amount of the massage for time lost.


At this time there is a same day change of appointment time charge of $45. Even though you are rescheduling for a different day you did not follow policy and call or text 24 hours before your appointment and that is not time enough for that spot to be refilled so it results in time loss.  

*only for exsisting repeat clients ** will recive a one time waive of fee

At this time, if you are habitual for calling and cancelling I will need to hold a valid credit/debit card on file for future appointments or I may discontinue seeing you as a valued client.

At this time prices are subject to change, coupons and discounts may or may not be given.

***At this time  Gift Certificates are available through the website



Fair warning! Therapist will not be subjected to any solicitation for sex, or any inappropiate actions. Once you enter the business any inappropriate behavior will be reported to authorities!


New to Massage Therapy

What do I wear?

Any regular clothing, however you will have to get undressed down to your panties or boxers to get on the table for your relaxation. All massages are full body except the reflexology, table stretching and facial massage.


I never had a massage what should I expect?

well, if you are getting a swedish you should be fine as far as next day discomfort. But, if you are getting a deep tissue and you are very tight in your muscles tissue you will feel some discomfort for the 1st 24 to 48 hrs then you will feel better because, getting a deep tissue massage is equal to a hour of excercise. Also my goal is that Deep tissue is Therapy to loosen tight fascia and help you regain range of motion and flexibility in your muscle tissue.


Do I need to talk during the massage? will you talk during the massage?

no, you do not have to talk during your massage

yes, I will speak and check in with you through out the massage to make sure you are comfortable and pressure levels are to your liking.

yes, if you want to talk I'm here to listen and discuss anything with you.


Gift Certificates

January 15, 2023

Hey, Thanks for purchasing Gift Certificates!

Questions and Answers:

How can I purchase a Gift Certificate?

They are available online to pay and print.or email to the recipient or  or your self.You may choose from dollar amounts or a direct service and pay online then print your GC or you may contact therapist via call or text and set up a time to purchase a GC card that comes with a GC holder.

How long is the GC valid?

1 year from date of purchase unless stated otherwise on the promotion

Recipients of GC:

When booking your appointment once you get to payment choose GC put in the code to redeem.

If the date range is valid and you still cannot get the code to take please continue to book your appt choose pay at business ,bring the digital GC or card and i will redeem. At time of check out.

Please make sure your GC is valid and speak with therapist BEFORE service is rendered other wise you are responsible to pay for that service.

Types of Payments Accepted

What type of payment do I accept?

I accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) cards, Cash Cards

Gift cards with the Visa/ Mastercard logo.

My Processing is Powered by Square

Also if you want to use these methods of payment @checkout I have:




ZELE: 9122728266

If you don't have this, you can use this invite for setting cash app up on your smart phone .Cash App to send and receive money and spend using the Cash Card. Try it using my code and we’ll each get $5. FPCDNMP

These methods of payment can also be used to donate to the growth of this Small business. Thanks in advance!

At this tim there are no refunds a store credit will be added to cancelled appts that are cancelled before the 24 hour grace period.

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